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Gohan and Amin won't let Goku turn off the furnace, for the simple reason that spirits wouldn't have access to their after life or be able to ever return. Evil spirits would also be trapped and will destroy the Earth. Suddenly, Amin starts fighting Goku and is no match for him. She grows to a giant and continues fighting Goku as the fire surrounds the Ox King, who is trapped in the castle. He doesn't seem to have much time left. The feathers on Amin's head are like swords and she tries to stab Goku and step on him and blow him into a wall. Amin formulates a plan to fix the furnace after seeing Goku has the Bansho fan. They need the shell fragments from a fire eater and the honey from special bees. Luckily, Chi-chi has both vital requirements on her. With aid of the Bansho fan and Amin lifting the pot, Goku descends into the furnace and manages to seal the hole, barely making it out alive. The flames at the castle have died down and the Ox King has survived and kept the wedding dress intact. Goku and Chi Chi proceed with their wedding and finally get married.


  • This episode marks the final appearance of the Goku and Roshi eyecatchers. It also marks the final appearance of the red turtle school gi's, as well as the final appearance of the teen versions of Goku and Chi-Chi (apart from flashbacks and the Dragon Ball Z ending Detekoi Tobikiri Zenkai Pawā!).
  • In the Englisg dub version, the episode ends with the narrator saying "For the continued adventures of Goku and his friends, be sure to watch Dragon Ball Z!" In the Japanese dub version, he says "The next story begins five years from now!"
  • The final character seen on screen here (and as such, the final character seen on screen in the original Dragon Ball anime) is Baba.

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"Goku and Chi Chi must travel to Mt. Five Elements, in a last ditch effort to save her father, Ox King, from the deadly magical flames, which threaten to consume his kingdom. Before Goku can complete his quest, he must fan the flames of Fate and hope he doesn't get burned!" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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