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The Shins (芯人, Shin-jin; FUNimation "Shin", Viz "Shin"; Literally meaning "Core People") are a race from Planet Kaishin.


The Shins are the true race that all Kaios and Kaioshins come from. The planet holds roughly a population of 80 Shins at one time. According to Dragon Ball: Sūpā Ekisaitingu Gaido: Kyarakutā Hen, the Shins were born from magical fruits that grew off of the Kaiju. The average Shin possessed special abilities that far surpassed that of any sort of un-trained normal being. The lifespan of the average Shin was roughly 75,000 years, however, the Shin born from golden fruits, who all later became Kaioshins, could live for millions upon millions of years. The Makaios and Makaioshins were the evil counterparts of the Kaios and Kaioshins, and thus cast into the Demon Realm (the bottom tip of the macrocosm) where they were secluded from civilization.

Known Shins[edit]

Note: All Shins who appear in the series are already Kaios or Kaioshins at the time of their first appearance.





  • Lucifer
  • Possibly Dabura, never officially confirmed
  • Possibly Shula, never officially confirmed
  • Possibly Towa


  • East Kaioshin uses the name "Shin" in his appearance at the Tenkaichi Tournament during the Majin Buu Saga. Shin is later established by Akira Toriyama to be the name of the race that the Kaioshins come from.
  • Dabura, a servant of Babidi, is said to be the "King of the Demon Realm". This possibly means that he is a Makaioshin, but this is never confirmed. As he is stated to be the "King of the Demon Realm", this would explain why Grand Kaio fears him so much. This would also explain the striking resemblance of the large ears both Grand Kaio and Dabura share and the same skin tone that Kibito and Dabura have.