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The Rapiddo Kikku (ラピッド キック, Rapiddo Kikku) is a rush attack used by many fighters.


The user attacks their opponent with rapid, multiple kicks from one leg, inflicting a great amount of damage.


Captain Ginyu Saga[edit]

Butta used this attack in his battle against Son Goku in "Ginyu Assault". After attacking with multiple punches, with each hit missing his target, Butta used the Rapiddo Kikku technique against Son Goku, but each kick missed his target like his previous attacks.

Frieza Saga[edit]

Gohan and Kuririn using the Rapiddo Kikku against Freeza.
Vegeta using the Rapiddo Kikku against Freeza.
Freeza using the Rapiddo Kikku against Son Goku.
Goku using the Rapiddo Kikku against Freeza.

Son Gohan, Kuririn, and Piccolo used this attack in their battle against Freeza after he had killed Dende. After the death of Dende, an angry Son Gohan attacked Freeza. Kuririn and Piccolo then launched many combined attacks against Freeza including the Rapiddo Kikku, but Freeza dodged each blow. After that, Vegeta used the Rapiddo Kikku as well in his battle against Freeza.

Freeza used this attack in his battle against Goku in "Frieza's Boast". After dodging Goku's punch, Freeza started attacking with the Rapiddo Kikku, but Goku dodged the attack.

Goku used this attack in his fight against Freeza in the same episode that Freeza used the Rapiddo Kikku. After dodging Freeza's attacks, Goku attacked Freeza with a punch and started attacking with the Rapiddo Kikku. As with Freeza's Rapiddo Kikku, every kick missed his target and Freeza slapped Goku in the face with his tail.

Perfect Cell Saga[edit]

Future No. 18 using the Rapiddo Kikku.

When Future Cell became perfect, Kuririn and Trunks both used a Flying Kick version of the Rapiddo Kikku, but Future Cell did not even feel the attacks.

Later during Future Trunks Brief's flashback to his own future, Future Artificial Human No. 18 used this attack in her fight against Future Son Gohan and Future No. 18 actually hit Gohan with the attack. She used this technique to beat up Future Gohan and continued attacking with multiple punches, fired rapidly, after she used the Rapiddo Kikku.[1]

While Future Trunks was fighting against Future Cell, Super Saiyan Gohan used the technique during his training in the Room of Spirit and Time when he was practicing his physical moves.[2]

Cell Games Saga[edit]

Future Cell using the Rapiddo Kikku against Gohan.

During his fight with Son Goku in an anime filler, Future Cell used this attack multiple times in combination with his Shinshin-no-ken. Future Cell's four clones kept attacking Goku with punches and kicks from all angles, but Goku dodged all of the hits every time the Future Cell clones attacked him.[3]

Future Cell used a variation of this technique in his fight against Gohan. Future Cell attacked with three quick kicks in a desperate attempt to damage Gohan, but Gohan blocked all the kicks with his arm.[4]

Great Saiyaman Saga[edit]

Son Goku using the Rapiddo Kikku during the Great Saiyaman Saga.

Prior to the 24th Tenkaichi Tournament, Goku used the Rapiddo Kikku during his training in the Next World while wearing Weighted Clothing.[5]

Majin Buu Saga[edit]

Goku used this attack again in his fight against Fat Boo. Goku kicked Fat Boo multiple times in the stomach and continued to attack him with a number of other attacks.[6]

Fusion Saga[edit]

Gotenks using the Rapiddo Kikku against Super Boo.

After transforming into a Super Saiyan 3, an angry Gotenks attacked Super Boo with multiple punches and kicks, all fired rapidly, including the Rapiddo Kikku, which he used in a combination with his physical moves and what seemed to be a double kick version of the attack. Despite the many attacks, Gotenks' physical moves did not seem to cause much damage to Super Boo.[7]

Gotenks used the technique again in his fight with Super Boo, during the end of the fight, when Gotenks was about to finish off Super Boo. During his last physical attacks, Gotenks fired multiple kicks to Super Boo's face.

After the fight between Gotenks and Super Boo, Super Boo used the technique in his first fight with Son Gohan. An angry Super Boo charged at Gohan, with a barrage of physical moves, including the Rapiddo Kikku, which Super Boo used while trying to hit Gohan in the face. Despite Super Boo attacking from all directions, Son Gohan dodged, or avoided all the physical attacks, including the Rapiddo Kikku.[8]

Later in the Saga, in an anime filler arc, Super Saiyan Vegeta used the Rapiddo Kikku in combination with a barrage of punches. An angry Vegeta charged at Super Boo, after his energy attack failed to harm Boo, Vegeta attacked with many physical moves, though Super Boo either blocked, or avoided them all.[9]

Video games[edit]

Rapiddo Kikku is named in Dragon Ball Z and is one of Butta's techniques.

It later appeared in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 and is part of Jheese's team attack, the Red Comet Attack.



  • The Rapiddo Kikku has never been used successfully with the exception of Goku against Fat Boo, Future No. 18 against Future Son Gohan, and Gotenks against Super Boo.
  • The Rapiddo Kikku has been used twice against Goku.