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"Hmmm... Just one question... You think... Pink's a good color on me?"
Lanfang in "Quarterfinals Continue"

Lanfang (ランファン, Ranfan; FUNimation "Ranfan", Viz "Ran Fuan") is a competitor in the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament and uses her good looks and the guise that she is a "defenseless" woman as a weapon. For example, she shrieks when someone is about to hit her, causing them to pause, and in that time she delivers a crushing punch or kick. If that technique fails, she strips to her underwear and tries to shock or embarrass her opponent. One of her more powerful attacks includes using air friction to heat her fist to deliver extra damage.

Lanfang's Japanese name is a pun on the words Ranjerii and Fandēshon, or Lingerie and Foundation in English.


Lanfang's manga colors shown in concept art by Akira Toriyama.

Ranfan wears a shirt, a pair of pants, sneakers, and a pink laced bra and panties underneath. The color of her shirt, pants, and sneakers are different between the manga and the anime. In the manga her shirt is pink while her pants are grey and sneakers are black, but in the anime her shirt is blue, pants are green and shoes are red. Her hair is also colored differently, while it was orange in the manga her hair is purple in the anime.


Ranfan is to first shown to be antagonistic in her fight against Namu as she seems to not mind showing off her body to help give her an advantage in a fight. After losing the fight, Lanfang is shown to not be a bad person and even helps find Son Goku when he was missing before his fight against Giran.


Dragon Ball

Tournament Saga

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Lanfang vs. Namu

Lanfang was one of 8 fighters who made it to the Quarterfinals in the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament and the only female fighter. She was constantly being bugged by Jackie Chun (who was really Turtle Hermit in disguise) hitting on her. Lanfang drew number six and ended up in a match against Namu. In the battle, she got a couple of good hits on Namu and used all her feminine charm to distract him. She almost got him out of the arena when she stripped down to her underwear and shocked him. Namu was only able to defeat her when he closed his eyes and attacked her without "looking upon her womanly flesh". Right after she was defeated, Jackie Chun, under the guise of seeing if she was all right, placed his hand on her panties to "check for a heartbeat".

After her defeat in the tournament, she was one of four fighters who stayed around to watch the final round and she was the one who finally found Son Goku sleeping before his match with Giran.

King Piccolo Saga

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In the manga, her picture is briefly seen on one of the image rosters as one of the many targets of Tambourine's mission to murder the martial artists during the King Piccolo Saga, though it is unknown if Ranfan was slain.

Video games

Ranfan in "Origins".

Ranfan appeared as one of the last bosses in Dragon Ball: Origins in Chapter 8: The Tournament Begins. She can only be unlocked after completing Chapter 6-6: Pilaf Must Be Stopped. She has three attacks: a vortex that expands outward, a heart spin, and some hearts she can fire directly at her opponent.

Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game

Ranfan's card in the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game.

Ranfan has her own card in the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game as part of The Warriors Return set. She also appears on the card Temptation from The Awakening set.


Lanfang using the Stripping technique.

Aside from her martial arts skills, her only abilities are with the attractiveness of herself:

  • Loving Look - Lanfang gives someone a loving look and dazzles them.
  • Burikko - Lanfang uses the Burikko (ぶりっこ, Burikko) by shrieking when someone is about to hit her and then hits them when they try to help her.
  • Heat Fist - Lanfang uses air friction to heat her fist and deliver extra damage.
  • Stripping - Lanfang strips to her pink panties and pink bra to be sexy and shock her opponent.

Voice actresses


In the edited U.S. broadcast, the stripping is excluded. Instead, the scene of one of Namu's failed attacks is shown followed by her twitching foot to show she is knocked out. This is strangely not edited in recaps, which clearly show her in her underwear. The uncut English episodes show the fight in full.


  • A character from Dr. Slump named Renault Citroen shares the same design and fighting style as Lanfang. She easily beats Senbei Norimaki with her looks alone. When her looks do not work against Arale Norimaki (as she is a female robot), she quickly gives up.
  • Lanfang also looks very similar to another recurring character from Dr. Slump named Trampire.