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Pansy (パンジ, Panji; FUNimation "Pansy") is the daughter of Pansy's Father and Pansy's Mother.

Pansy's Japanese name may be a pun on the word Panjii, or Pansy in English.



Pansy appeared in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies. Wanting peace to return to her village after an evil tyrant king had seized power, she eventually started trouble with his troops, causing her to set out on a journey to find a strong enough warrior to help her. She ended up at Kame House and asked Crane Hermit for help. He recommended Son Goku for the task. Finally, after Goku's help, she then asked Shen Long to bring peace back to her land to which he granted it, returning everything back to normal.


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  • Pansy bares a resemblance to Suno, the girl Goku meets when fighting against the Red Ribbon Army.