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Minoshia (ミノシア, Minoshia; FUNimation "Minotia") is a Conutsian.


Minoshia and Tapion being told about the music boxes.

Minoshia assisted Tapion in trying to stop the monster Hirudegarn from destroying their race on Planet Conuts. In the end Minoshia and Tapion subdued Hirudegarn by having the monster sealed away inside of their bodies and then sealed into two separate magical containers, thus ending the horrible war. The lower half of the monster was sealed inside Minoshia, and he, like his brother, was sent alone into the far reaches of space. Minoshia was freed by an evil warlock, Hoi, after which Hirudegarn's lower half materialized and killed him.

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  • Minoshia's scream in the Japanese version just before he is killed by Hirudegarn is similar to Young Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when he falls from a high elevation, adding to the connections between Minoshia's family and the Zelda series.
  • An action figure of Minoshia was created despite him being on screen for less than a minute. It was originally issued by AB Toys of France in their Super Guerriers Articule line, and subsequently reissued by Irwin Toys of America (before Irwin started making their own molds).