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The MAX Power Kamehameha (マックス パワー かめはめ波, Makkusu Pawā Kamehameha; Literally meaning "MAX Power Turtle Destruction Wave") is Turtle Hermit's signature Kamehameha technique used in his MAX Power form.


While the fundamentals of the technique are exactly the same as a regular Kamehameha, the overall power of this Kamehameha is all the more greater by Turtle Hermit being in MAX Power.


Dragon Ball

Turtle Hermit first used this attack to extinguish the roaring flames on Mt. Frypan. The MAX Power Kamehameha succeeded in extinguishing the fire, but the blast was so powerful that it blew away both the mountain and Ox King's Castle.

Turtle Hermit later used it as Jackie Chun in his match against Son Goku at the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament. When Goku turned into a Great Ape by taking a glimpse at the full moon, Jackie Chun said, "Kamehame-Ha, highest output! Max power!!" and fired the MAX Power Kamehameha at the Moon and destroyed it, reverting Goku back to his normal self.

Video games

MAX Power Kamehameha is named in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series and is Turtle Hermit's Ultimate Blast in his Max Power form.

It is named MAX POWER Kamehameha in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

It is named Kamehameha Saidai Shutsuryoku (かめはめ波 最大 出力, Kamehameha Saidai Shutsuryoku; Literally meaning "Turtle Destructive Wave Maximum Output") in the Japanese manga and anime.