Man Wolf

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Man Wolf (男 狼, Otoko Ōkami; FUNimation "Man-Wolf", Viz "Man-Wolf") is a Werehuman.


Dragon Ball

Man Wolf appeared in "Then There Were Eight". He was a large anthropomorphic Wolf who turned into a Human at the sight of a full moon. He was Jackie Chun's first opponent at the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament. He worked as a zookeeper and his address was XS 89001 JB.[3] He also claimed to be a 30-dan in kenpō.

Although unseen, it was revealed in a later flashback that he was a spectator at the previous tournament where Son Goku had transformed into a Great Ape at the sight of the full moon. He hated Jackie Chun because he had destroyed the Moon during that tournament. Man Wolf had been stuck in his Wolf form since that time and could not be with pretty girls.

Jackie Chun defeated him with ease in their match and then permanently changed him into his Human form when he hypnotized him into thinking Kuririn's bald head was a full moon. Shortly after the tournament, he was killed by Tambourine during the King Piccolo Saga. His body floated down a river with a spear through his corpse and the symbol of Piccolo Daimao on it. He was later revived by Shen Long at the exact moment his girlfriend put flowers on his grave.

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  • Man Wolf is the second Wolf-like character to participate in a Tenkaichi Tournament. Yamucha defeats a smaller Wolf at the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament.
  • A character who looks exactly like Man Wolf, except for being brown rather than blue, appears in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound.