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Kuriiza (クリーザ, Kuriiza) is a member of the the Freeza Clan.


Final Form Kuriiza

Kuriiza was met by Neko Majin after showing up on Planet Earth to cause some trouble. Onio, a fat Super Saiyan who resembled Suppa Man from Dr. Slump, brought Vegeta to Neko Majin and claimed that he was the "true" strongest in the universe. He was rammed into the ground by an angry Neko Majin for having interrupted his battle with Thunderbolt, the alleged "strongest in the world", a title which he (of course) did not deserve. From the crater emerged an oil-drenched Kuriiza, who then removed his armor and transformed into something akin to his father's "final/true form". Neko Majin "transformed" into Neko Majin Z, however, all it did was give him a pair of double eyelids and a knack to fart. Unfortunately, the pages ran out before anything could happen between the two. Neko Majin Z then went out to fish as his friend watched anime and the chapter ended.

Unlike his father, he was not especially evil and had a fit when the manga ran out of pages before he had a chance to show off. Kuriiza, in Chapter 3 of the mini-series, later cheered on Vegeta (who still worked for Freeza during this alternate storyline) when he arrived to take on Neko Majin Z, but was shocked when the Saiyan unexpectedly left when he claimed that he had received an emergency message on his cell phone. Vegeta thought to himself that he would never appear in another "gag manga" again.

Kuriiza was able to change into a "final" form akin to his father immediately after his first stage. Like Kuririn, the pun on his name is derived from the kuri, or chestnut. This breaks the tradition of Freeza's family members' names being taken from terms for "cold", although an element of the play on the word "freezer" is still in the name since "Furiza" is an alternative way Freeza's name is spelled.

Six years after being defeated by the Z Warriors, he returned to Planet Earth and fought against Kuririn. He then joined the Z Warriors after his defeat by Kuririn. From then on, he flirted with Bulma Brief and Son Videl.

Video games

Kuriiza in Budokai 2.


First Form Kuriiza's Death Ball in Budokai 2.
Final Form Kuriiza's Death Ball in Budokai 2.