Conutsian Priest

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The Conutsian Priest (FUNimation "Konatsian Wizard") is a priest.


Konatsian Wizard launching his assault against Hirudegarn.

The Conutsian Priest appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon. He cleaved Hirudegarn in two during the final battle of the Hirudegarn war. A Conutsian Priest was sent by Kami to stop Hirudegarn with an enchanted sword and two magical Flutes. He gave the Flutes to Minotia and Tapion, who then played them, and took upon the powerful enchanted blade himself. With Hirudegarn distracted, the Conutsian Priest rushed in and sliced Hirudegarn in two. He then proceeded to use his magic to seal the two halves of Hirudegarn within Minotia and Tapion. After the sect of warlocks tried to track down Minotia and Tapion, the Kami of their planet decided the only thing to do was seal them within special Music Boxes. Since the proximity of the two Music Boxes meant that the halves would always try to become one again, the Music Boxes were put into space pods and sent to two different galaxies. The events of Wrath of the Dragon then began one thousand years later.