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Piccolo holding the bottle (with strange kanji or Namekian) that contains Kami.
Piccolo vs. Kami

Finally, Kami battles his evil half. He tells Goku that he must be the one to kill Piccolo, because Goku cannot and won't allow himself to kill Piccolo. Goku agrees and says that he can defeat Piccolo without killing him. Kami knows that he must die, he must kill Piccolo, killing himself in the process. Kami/Hero walks out to the ring and puts on his act, but only for a minute. Immediately, he tells Piccolo he knows everything about him. Piccolo doesn't see that he is his other half. The battle starts ferociously. There is a lull in the fighting and everyone notes how powerful Hero/Kami is. Kami attacks, taking Piccolo off guard. Piccolo shoots an energy ball at Kami, but Kami deflects it. Piccolo reads Kami's mind and realizes that he is Kami. They begin to speak in their native language, much to the crowd's confusion. Kami tells Piccolo that he is going to kill Piccolo. Piccolo doesn't believe him, so Kami reveals a bottle, which he is going to put Piccolo into. He launches the Evil Containment Wave, but Piccolo reverses it and instead imprisons Kami. He releases the human he possessed and screams that Goku is the only one left and he must kill Piccolo.


  • Kami and Piccolo speak to each other in a strange language which no one at the tournament can understand (though their language in the actual episode remains the same). Additionally, equally strange symbols/letters appear. In "Plans for Departure", it is revealed this is actually the native language of Planet Namek.

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