Husky's henchmen

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Husky's henchmen were two street thugs who worked for Husky in West City. One was a Human with a gun and the other was an anthropomorphic Boar with a knife. They first came across Son Goku in a street alley during his search for Bulma's house where he defeated them really easily. When they met up with Husky at their apartment, they began to search West City for Goku again, leading them to Dream Land. They helped Husky by starting a fake kidnapping of her disguised as a fortuneteller for Goku to stop them. At the fortuneteller's house, they hid behind a curtain to turn the power off in order to switch the Dragon Balls with fake ones, but ended up failing when they accidentally fell over. They ran out of the house through a window and were never seen again.

[edit] Trivia

  • They can be seen again as actors in the Saiyaman film, but it is possible that they were just reused character designs.
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