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"Horrifying Buyon"

English titleHorrifying Buyon
Japanese titleどう��る悟空!!戦慄のブヨン
Rōmaji titleDou Suru Gokuu!! Senritsu no Buyon
Literal titleNow What, Goku!! The Horrible Buyon
Dragon Ball
SagaRed Ribbon Army Saga
Episode number (position in saga)40 (12)
Corresponding manga
64, 65
Japanese airdateNovember 26, 1986
English airdateFebruary 26, 2002
Previous episodeMysterious Android No. 8
Next episodeThe Fall of Muscle Tower

Horrifying Buyon (どうする悟空!!戦慄のブヨン,"Dou Suru Gokuu!! Senritsu no Buyon", lit. "Now What Goku!! The Horrible Buyon") is the twelfth episode of the Red Ribbon Army Saga and the fortieth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on November 26, 1986.


[edit] Summary

Goku and Android 8 fall into a room with nothing in it except skeletons! General White tells Goku to hand over the Dragon Radar and the ball. Goku refuses and General White closes the hatch in the ceiling. A wall opens up and they see a huge monster eating some food! The monster is Buyon. Back in the village, Suno finds a small animal under her bed and returns it to it's parents. Goku attacks the monster, but with no luck and even after a Kamehameha attack, he is still not affected by Goku's attacks. Goku gets an idea and punches a hole in the wall and icy winds come in. Goku gets cold and goes into Android 8's jacket for warmth, while they wait it out. Buyon then, gets very cold and becomes covered in ice. Goku gets out of Android 8's jacket and kicks Buyon. After Goku kicks him, Buyon shatters into many pieces. Goku then, jumps up back to General White's floor and makes his Power Pole extend, so Eighter can go up with him. When they both are up safely, Goku tells him that they better release the village chief.

[edit] Battles

Goku vs. Buyon. Victor:Goku

[edit] Techniques


[edit] Characters


Android No. 8(Eighter)


General White

Village Chief

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Brief summaryGoku and Android Number 8 confront General Goku and Android Number 8 confront General White at the top of Muscle Tower, but the evil General sends the duo tumbling through a trap door into the darkness of the mysterious floor number five. There they must face the blubbery monster Buyon, a hideous beast with only one thing on his mind, turning Goku into his next meal! his mind, turning Goku into his next meal!