Dub & Peter 1

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Dub & Peter 1 (ダブ と ピーター ワン, Dabu to Piitā Wan) is a manga by Akira Toriyama. It takes place in the same universe as the Dragon Ball series.


Dub and Peter were two friends who lived in Pepper Town. They went to a junkyard and created a really fast car to pick up girls. When completed by Peter, the car was named Peter 1 with Dub as its driver. The car was controlled by a computer and had its own personality and could talk to Dub. While taking the car on a drive, Dub met a girl named Elizabeth who was about to be kidnapped by two thugs. Dub got out of the car and fought them. After Dub knocked out the taller thug, the shorter one pulled a gun on him, but Peter 1 saved Dub when it brought out a small cannon and shot a ball at the thug's hand, knocking his gun down. When the thug saw that Dub had a nice car, he challenged Dub to a race and promised to give him 1 million Zenni and to return the girl. They raced on the outskirts of town through a canyon. The race then went aerial as both vehicles changed into their flying modes. As the thugs began to shoot Dub with their vehicle, Peter 1 pulled out a missile launcher from under its hood and destroyed their vehicle, thus making Dub the winner. After Dub won the 1 million Zenni, he rushed over to Elizabeth only to find out that she already had a child and a very muscular husband. Dub decided to give the 1 million Zenni to Peter, but then asked him to make a robot girl who resembled the real world actress Nishida Hikaru.