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"Your bodies are nothing but shells now, holding back your spirit from serving your true purpose in the Order."
Dolltacki in "The Last Oracle of Luud"

Dolltacki (ドルタッキー, Dorutakkii; FUNimation "Dolltaki") leads the Lood Cult.


Dolltacki was at the service of Dr. Mu and controlled the giant Machine Mutant Lood. By using Lood, he transformed the followers of his religious sect, the Lood Cult, into dolls to gather their energy and give Mu the power to make Baby grow.

Dragon Ball GT

Dolltacki took a fancy to Son Pan and had her transformed into a doll, but in the end he got the same fate and was transformed into a doll and absorbed by Lood. Inside Lood, Dolltaki was forced by Pan to reveal Lood's weak point. Goku and Pan then destroyed Lood, and all of the people who had been absorbed by him regained their bodies. Dolltaki escaped from Planet Lood and retreated to Planet M2 where he attempted to report about Lood's destruction to Mu with excuses that averted his follies, but instead found General Rild in the chair. As Dolltaki attempted to excuse himself in fear, Rild launched a Ki Blast at Dolltaki for his failure and treason. He had killed Dolltaki once and for all.

Video games

Dolltacki appeared in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation.

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