Darkness Eye Beam

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The Darkness Eye Beam (ダークネス アイ ビーム, Dākunesu Ai Biimu) is an energy beam attack used by many fighters.


The user shoots two thin energy beams from their eyes.


Dragon Ball Z

Garlic Jr. used this attack during the Garlic Jr. Saga.

Similar attacks were used by Majin Boo and Freeza.


Slugg firing the Darkness Eye Beam at Goku.
Giant Slugg firing the Darkness Eye Beam at Goku.

Cooler used this attack against Son Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge and heavily damaged him with only one use. He called it his Death Beam. After Cooler was modified by the Big Gete Star, this attack was upgraded to the Lock-On Buster.

Slugg used this attack in his base and Giant forms in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug.

Video games

Darkness Eye Beam is named in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series and is one of Cooler's, Garlic Jr.'s, and Slugg's Blast 2 attacks in their base form.

It is named Destructive Ray (破壊 光線, Hakai Kōsen) in the Budokai video game series.

It is named Hakai Kōsen (破壊 光線, Hakai Kōsen) in Dragon Ball Heroes.