Dainijūkkai Tenkaichi Budōkai

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"Dainijūkkai Tenkaichi Budōkai" (第二十一回 天下一 武道会, Dainijūkkai Tenkaichi Budōkai) is a background music track (BGM) produced by Toei Animation and composed by prolific Japanese composer Shunsuke Kikuchi. The track was created for the soundtrack of the original Japanese Dragon Ball series and played during the Emperor Pilaf Saga, Tournament Saga, Red Ribbon Army Saga, General Blue Saga, Commander Red Saga, Fortuneteller Baba Saga, Tien Shinhan Saga, and King Piccolo Saga.

The track matched the struggles of Boss Rabbit, Muten Roshi, Yamucha, General Blue, Commander Red, Nam, Bacterian, Bandages, Man-Wolf, and Tenshinhan.

The track is confirmed to play during the following scenes:

Dainijūkkai Tenkaichi Budōkai as BGM

Monster Carrot preparing to face Goku.

1. "Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch" - Plays when Monster Carrot prepares to fight Son Goku and positions himself in a prepared stance.

The police spotting Goku and Kuririn.

2. "Look out for Launch" - Plays when two officers are shown getting hit by Goku when he attempts to stand up for Launch.

Goku dodging the Bees during his training.

3. "The Turtle Hermit Way" - Plays when Goku and Kuririn are seen dodging bees while they are tied to trees as a part of their training regiment.

4. "The Tournament Begins" - Plays when Yamucha is running and training while performing his deadly wolf fang fist technique.

Krillin knocking out his opponent.

5. "Elimination Round" - Plays when Fighter 97 fights Kuririn and is knocked out in the elimination round.

6. "Smells Like Trouble" - Plays when Bacterian gets back up to fight Kuririn.

7. "Quarterfinals Continue" - Plays when Namu prepares to take out Ranfan.

8. "Danger From Above" - Plays when Nam uses his deadly and powerful aerial attack, the Cross Arm Dive, against Goku.

9. "Number One Under the Moon" - Plays when Great Ape Goku becomes enraged during his battle against Jackie Chun.

10. "Cold Reception" - Plays when Goku is seen rushing outside Muscle Tower and is seen eliminating the Red Ribbon Army soldiers.

11. "Roshi Surprise" - Plays during the ending when Kuririn, Goku, and Bulma come across a deceased pirate's skeleton, while the narrator is explaining the whereabouts of the hidden pirate treasure.

12. "The Trap is Sprung" - Plays when Blue is seen executing a giant electric eel with extreme ferocity, showing that the eel's deadly electric power had no effect on Blue due to his superhuman might and telekinetic strength.

13. "A Real Bind" - Plays when Red retreats to his hideout in order to escape from Goku.

14. "A Real Bind" - Plays when Violet infiltrates and robs Commander Red's vault as Red becomes infuriated.

Yamucha beating down Suke.

15. "Deadly Battle" - Plays when Yamucha beats down Suke after his appearance is revealed.

16. "The Devilmite Beam" - Plays when Goku struggles as Mummy squeezes him with his bandages.

17. "Pilaf's Tactics" - Plays when Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai realize that Goku does not have his tail, so they cannot grab it.

18. "Terror and Plague" - Plays when Tiger Thief is attacked by Goku after trying to eat a girl.

19. "Full-Moon Vengeance" - Plays when Man-Wolf attacks Jackie Chun after being teased.

20. Plays when Tien Shinhan rushes at Jackie Chun, unleashing a combination of attacks.

21. "Victory's Edge" - Plays when Tien attacks Goku with a strong punch as the episode concludes.

22. "A Taste of Destiny" - Plays when Goku attacks the emulated image of Muten Roshi, created by the Darkness.

23. "Look Out Below" - Plays when Raiti, Bulma, and Kuririn wait as Son Gohan is lowered into the acidic water below to recover a Dragon Ball while wearing a suit that would temporarily suffice for his diving purposes. As Gohan is lowered into the water and a few moments pass, the rope that is used to lower him is completely burned by the acid.