Crasher Cannon

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The Crasher Cannon is an energy sphere attack used by Jheese and Butta. Jheese and Butta extend their arms and fire a powerful energy sphere (similar to the Death Beam or Big Bang Cannon ) from their palm or index finger, which explodes on impact. Jheese's version of the attack is red while Butta's is blue.

Jheese and Butta both used the technique in their battle against Son Goku, who dodged every one of their attacks. They most notably use its continuous form as a part of their Purple Spiral Flash. They both later use it in its continuous form again against Tenshinhan while fighting on North Kaio's World.


  • Continuous Crasher Cannon - Jheese and Butta use the Crasher Cannon together in rapid succesion, creating a cascade of red and blue energy spheres. They also have an enhanced version of this attack called the Purple Spiral Flash.