Continuous Crasher Cannon

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Jheese and Butta firing the Continuous Crasher Cannon.

The Continuous Crasher Cannon is a rapid-fire version of the Crasher Cannon and used by Jheese and Butta. Jheese and Butta fly together and fire multiple blasts of the Crasher Cannon, which form a monsoon of energy spheres that rain down upon the opponent.

They first used this attack against Goku, who dodged every one of their blasts seemingly without moving. Angered, Jheese and Butta then resorted to the Purple Spiral Flash, which Goku was able to deflect merely by screaming. Later, during their battle against Tenshinhan, Butta and Jheese teamed up and fired a flurry of energy spheres at Tenshinhan, who was able to defend against them.