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Caterpi (キャタピー, Kyatapii; FUNimation "Caterpy") is a martial artist.

Caterpi's Japanese name is a pun on the word Kyatapirā, or Caterpillar in English


Caterpi is a Caterpillar-like humanoid alien.


Caterpi was formerly from the South Galaxy. Caterpi was actually not very strong and he tried to get Son Goku to give up by tickling him to everyone's exasperation. (Olibu remarked, "South Quadrant must be a very peaceful place.") After Goku hit him, he further displayed his weakness by whining about it. He then encased himself within a Sanagi. South Kaio told Goku and the crowd that Caterpi would morph into his ultimate form upon hatching, however, the cocoon would take 1,200 years to hatch and therefore Grand Kaio declared Goku the winner by default.

Video games

Caterpi appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.


  • Eye Flash – Caterpi emits lights from his eyes.
  • Henshin no Tame ni Sanagi ni Naru – Caterpi uses Henshin no Tame ni Sanagi ni Naru (変身 の ため に 蛹 に なる, Henshin no Tame ni Sanagi ni Naru) to morph into his ultimate form.
  • Kusuguri Kōgeki – Caterpi catches his opponent with his multiple arms and uses the Kusuguri Kōgeki (くすぐり 攻撃, Kusuguri Kōgeki; Literally meaning "Tickling Attack") to tickle them.
  • Mystic Attack – Caterpi has the ability to extend his arms.


  • Caterpi's name is similar to that of the Pokémon named Caterpie. The episode Caterpi appears in, however, was originally aired a year before Pokemon was invented. Also, Caterpi is an extremely minor character compared to the other characters in the anime and appears in only one filler episode.
  • Caterpi is due to hatch in the year 1967 Age.