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"As this is the first chance we've had to fight or what not, I'll be gentle."
Caroni in "Losers Fight First"

Caroni (カロニー, Karonii; FUNimation "Caroni") is one of Mister Satan's top two students.

Caroni's Japanese name is a pun on the word Makaroni, or Macaroni in English.


Caroni is of normal height and has long blonde hair and a ladies-man attitude. Caroni has similar traits and a voice like Zarbon.



Caroni fought against Perfect Cell first in the Cell Games only to be easily thrown from the ring by Perfect Cell's energy. Satan stated that Caroni was like the son he never had and that he would never live up to his father. Saying that he was like the son he never had implies that he was not related to Satan, but was one of his best students.

Caroni watched the entire battle between Cell and the Z Warriors. At first, he doubted that Cell was capable of such power. As Cell devastated the entire arena, he was convinced along with Piroshki that he had heavily underestimated the magnitude of Cell's strength. As Satan doubted Cell's power, Caroni became frustrated as to how his mentor could still feel that way after witnessing Cell's strength first-hand, even incredulously yelling, "I can't believe you're still saying that!" after Satan still claimed it was all a trick. Caroni and Piroshki both remained loyal to Satan. When Satan took credit for defeating Cell, Caroni stuck with him.


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  • Caroni does not make another appearance until a cameo in the Buu era alongside his partner, Piroshki.
  • Caroni is very similar to Jewel and Kirano in terms of the way he behaves and his mannerisms. All three employ a similar "romantic" attitude and dress style.