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"You got two choices! You can come with us or I can kill you here!"
Buleberry in "Bulma's Big Day"

Buleberry (ブールベリ, Burūberi; FUNimation "Blueberry") is a member of Freeza's Force.

Buleberry's Japanese name is a pun on the word Burūberii, or Blueberry in English.


Buleberry is a Crocodile-like humanoid alien.


Dragon Ball Z

Buleberry appeared in "Destination: Guru". He and his partner, Raspberry, were among the soldiers sent to investigate the Dragon Balls on Planet Namek. They encountered Bulma Brief, who was in possession of one of the artifacts, during their search. Convinced that she knew the location of the other six Dragon Balls, the pair intimidated her and threatened to take her to Freeza for a more personal interrogation. As Freeza refrained from informing any of his low-class soldiers about the background of the Dragon Balls, only stressing their importance, Bulma intervened and revealed to Buleberry and Raspberry that gathering the seven Dragon Balls resulted in the reward of a single wish (in reality, the Earthlings were unaware at this time that the Namek Dragon Balls were capable of granting a total of three wishes). While his partner, Raspberry, found the idea preposterous, Buleberry was intrigued by the idea of Freeza no longer being able to "boss [them] around."

The two then kidnapped Bulma and demanded that she lead them to the rest of the Dragon Balls as they were still under the impression that she had them stashed away on Planet Namek. At last Bulma came up with an idea and "confessed" that the Dragon Balls had been hidden deep beneath the sea. This plan nearly backfired when she led them to a cavern that she believed had a dead end. It appeared that this cavern, however, was the nest for thousands of Namekian Crabs led by a Giant Namekian Crab who Bulma had encountered earlier. Buleberry and Raspberry mistook them to be thousands of sets of Dragon Balls until the Giant Namekian Crab appeared and defended her offspring. Bulma managed to make an escape apparently unnoticed, but was soon followed by a desperate and infuriated Buleberry and Raspberry. Their counterattack failed, however, when the Giant Namekian Crab emerged from the sea and snatched them in her claws, dragging them down below.


  • Buleberry is able to breathe underwater.



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