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"Best of The Boys"

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English titleBest of The Boys
Japanese titleうれしさ百万倍!少年王者決定!!
Rōmaji titleUreshisa Hyakumanbai! Shōnen Chanpion Kettei!!
Literal titleThe New Junior Champion has Been Determined!
Dragon Ball Z
SagaWorld Tournament Saga
Episode number (position in saga)212 (3)
Edited episode number (position in saga)197 (3)
Japanese airdateJanuary 12, 1994
English airdateOctober 3, 2001
Previous episodeTrunks vs. Goten
Next episodeBig Trouble, Little Trunks

Best of the Boys is the third episode of the World Tournament Saga and the two hundred twelfth overall episode in the original dubbed and the uncut version of the Dragon Ball Z series. The original Japanese title is "Ureshisa Hyakumanbai! Shonen Chanpion Kettei!!" (うれしさ百万倍!少年王者決定!!). The episode first aired on January 12, 1994. It's original American air date was October 3, 2001.

[edit] Summary

The episode starts as Trunks and Goten start the final round of the junior division. Hercule stares at the two. He keeps saying that the boys are like the ones in the Cell Games 7 years ago. The two start to float in the air. Trunks and Goten land on the stadium floor. Trunks blasts a controlled ki blast at Goten. He misses and the blast is controlled up. Goten uses a Kamehameha blast at Trunks that blasts a hole in the roof. Trunks is impressed. They start fighting again but Trunks says ”Goten, no more energy blasts, ok?” Goten agrees.

The two get each other in a strangle hold but Trunks is stronger. He wants Goten to give up - no dice. Instead, Goten goes Super Saiyan (just for a moment) breaking the hold. Goku is amazed that his second son can go SS. Vegeta tells Goku that wasn’t fair. The people don’t know what they saw. Hercule is stunned that the kid can do what Goku, Future Trunks, Vegeta, and then 11 year-old Gohan can do. Trunks is enraged and says that he can beat Goten without his left arm. The battle rages on. The two fight until Trunks shoots another beam at Goten which misses. The two fight until Goten tries to headbutt Trunks but he dodges and goes SS. Goten is thrown into the stands and loses the fight. Trunks wins the 1 million Zeni and Goten wins 5,000.

Trunks now faces Hercule (that is too afraid to come out but does after his fans cheer for him.) After he comes out, Vegeta makes a joke: He said that house plants are stronger than Hercule. Which Gohan tries to pass off as a joke, not an insult to Videl.

[edit] Fights

Trunks vs. Goten

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Brief summaryThe match between Goten and Trunks begins The match between Goten and Trunks begins to heat up. Trunks gets Goten in a stranglehold, and Goten can't seem to break free. Desperate, he transforms into a Super Saiyan and busts loose. Trunks is angry, because all of the Saiyan warriors agreed not to transform during the Tournament. To embarrass him for this, Trunks decides to fight the rest of the way without using his left arm. But when Goten seems to have the advantage, he uses his left arm AND transforms into a Super Saiyan to knock Goten out of the ring. Trunks says that since both he and Goten transformed once, they're even. and Goten transformed once, they're even.