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The Android Barrier is an energy sphere attack used by Doctor Gero's Artificial Humans.


Dragon Ball Z[edit]

Imperfect Cell Saga[edit]

The Android Barrier was first used by Artificial Human No. 17 (is bluish-green in color) and is his signature technique. No. 17 uses it to block Piccolo Junior's Hellzone Grenade. Artificial Human No. 18 is also equipped with an Android Barrier (pink in color, like most of her ki-based attacks) though she rarely uses it.

Perfect Cell Saga[edit]

Semi-Perfect Cell uses an even stronger barrier in order to completely absorb No. 18 without interference. Cell's version is called the Perfect Barrier (it is also the largest of all energy barrier techniques).

Dragon Ball GT[edit]

Super 17 Saga[edit]

Super No. 17 retained his original barrier, but it also seemed to gains the ability to absorb Ki-based attacks (the barrier was invisible during this process). It is named Absorption Barrier.


Super No. 13 is the only other "numbered" Artificial Human with an Android Barrier (his is red in color, the same as his ki attacks).

Video games[edit]

Budokai series[edit]

It is named Pinpoint Energy Shield.

In the Budokai video game series, they both have an offensive version of the move that expands outward to attack the opponent.

In the Budokai video game series, it is named Energy Field and is used as an attack by both No. 17, No. 18, and Cell in his second and later transformations.

Burst Limit[edit]

No. 17 and No. 18 can charge an energy shield in their hands and use it offensively in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.