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"...And Into the Fire!" is the eleventh chapter of Dragon Ball.


The cover features Chichi, Son Goku riding the Kinto Un, and three pictures in the background. The three pictures in the background are of Yamucha and Puar in the Mighty Mouse, Oolong in the car Yamucha gave him driving away from a shadow of the Ox-King, and Fire Mountain.


Goku and Bulma learning about Fry-Pan Mountain.
The Ox-King asking Goku where his cloud came from.

Two days after the Dragon Ball Gang received the new car from Yamucha, they finally ended up at Fire Mountain. Once they saw it in the distance, Oolong told Son Goku and Bulma Brief about how the castle at the top was guarded by the Ox-King, who could not get into his own castle and killed anybody who went near it.

Yamucha and Puar, who were approaching as well, came into contact with a seemingly defenseless young girl was was running away from a T-Rex. The girl threw the blade of her helmet at the Dinosaur and decapitated. She then blew up the remains with a laser in her helmet. When she saw Yamucha, she tried to attack him out of fear, but he easily knocked her out since he was not shy of girls who were too young.

Over at the base of Fire Mountain, Goku flew off on the Kinto Un to try to look for a way to get to the castle. While Bulma and Oolong were left behind, they suddenly encountered the Ox-King. He asked them what they were doing near his area and if they were after his treasure. Although they were scared, they tried to convince him that they were not after his treasure, but Goku quickly returned and explicitly said that he could not find a way to break into the castle. Rather than attacking them, the Ox-King asked Goku if he had gotten that cloud from his martial arts master, Turtle Hermit.




Differences from anime

  • While flying near the castle, Goku accidently catches his tail on fire causing him to fly back down and jump into a lake to cool his tail in the anime.
  • In the anime Goku and the Ox-King have a fight scene before he finds out that Goku has the cloud Master Roshi have him.


  • Yamucha's line in the early VIZ release "...That Child?! Do you think I have a Lolita Complex?" was changed in the VIZBIG edition to "That Child?! Do you think I'm some kind of pervert?".



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