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"I wish you baboons could read minds so you could have heard the thought of my troops as you slaughtered them!"
— Toolo toward Bardock and his team after the battle

Toolo (Tooro) was the last surviving Kanassan before his death in 737 Age.

[edit] Biography

Main article: Kanassan war After all the other members of his species are killed, Toolo emerges from the rubble and attacks Bardock, cursing him with the ability to see into the future. He is then tackled by Shugesh and then shot with a ki blast from Tora. Before dying, Toolo tells Bardock that he will now see the horror of his end just as the Kanassans had to, while laughing his head off. Angered at the alien, Bardock kills him with another blast. Toolo's voice still continues to haunt Bardock all the way to the time of his death, when Frieza blows up Planet Vegeta. Presumably, he is at Bardock's side when he says goodbye to his second son as he journeys to Earth.

Toolo after he curses Bardock.

[edit] Voice Actors

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