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The Dragon Clan (龍族, Ryūzoku) is a group of Namekians who are the basic members of the race and specialize in mystic abilities, such as creating mystical wish-granting spheres known as Dragon Balls.


The Dragon Clan was very large at one point, but the climate shift on Planet Namek at around 261 Age wiped all of them out (with the exception of the Nameless Namekian who was sent to Planet Earth and Guru). By the time Freeza invaded Planet Namek, approximately 92 Dragon Clan members lived within the 6 villages on Planet Namek (86 not counting the six Elders).

Video games

In Dragon Ball Online, Namekians fled to Earth after their homeworld of New Planet Namek was attacked in 853 Age by Miira.

The Dragon Clan is one of two starting classes for Namekians in Dragon Ball Online.

Techniques such as the Energy Cannon, Antenna Beam, Energy Bullets, and Super Energy Bullets are exclusive to the Dragon Clan skill tree. Skills that were not present in the original manga and are exclusive to Dragon Ball Online include the Staff Slash, Ingnite, and Super Ignite.

There are noticable differences between this Dragon Clan and the one present in the manga: their inability to create Dragon Balls, their use of powerful Ki attacks, and their healing abilities (a trait unique to Healer-type Namekians).

Master classes

Once reaching the required level of skill, a Dragon Clan can choose one of two secondary classes: Dende Priest or Poko Priest.

Dende Priest

The Dende Priest sub-class uses more powerful healing abilities and follow the teachings of Dende, a great spiritual figure in Namekian history.

Poko Priest

The Poko Priest sub-class uses summoning abilities to bring forth monsters that do their bidding, similar to Piccolo Daimao's Pokopen.

Known members

  • Guru (Grand Elder of Planet Namek and only one of two survivors of the climate shift. He created the Namek Dragon Balls and birthed 109 sons. He died a natural death at over 500 years old.)
  • Kami (Originally the Nameless Namekian who exhumed the evil within him in the form of Piccolo Daimao and was selected to be the new Kami of Planet Earth. Later, he fused with Piccolo)
  • Piccolo Daimao (Originally the Nameless Namekian who exhumed the evil within him in the form of Piccolo Daimao. He was killed by Son Goku)
  • Moori (Elder of a village who later became the new Grand Elder after Guru's death.)
  • Tsuno (Elder of a village who was killed by Vegeta and was never specified to have been revived.)
  • 4 unnamed Elders (Each an elder of a village and killed by Freeza and his men, but later revived.)
  • Dende (Son of Guru who became the new Kami of Earth and created a new set of Dragon Balls.)
  • Katas (Father of the Nameless Namekian who was killed during the climate shift.)
  • Nameless Namekian (Son of Katas.)
  • 86 unnamed members between the six Namekian villages (before Planet Namek's destruction).
  • In Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Clan is a playable class.

Possible members

  • Piccolo (son of Piccolo Daimao and his reincarnation. Technically, a Dragon Clan member employs both the skills of a Warrior-type Namekian and mystical abilities and is proficient in combat. His syncing with Nail furthers his warrior abilities, while his Fusion with Kami furthers his Dragon Clan powers. He may be considered a hybrid between the two castes.)

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