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This is a list of notable characters who exist in the Dragon Ball universe. Note that select characters may appear under more than one section.


[edit] Characters by race

[edit] Androids & Cyborgs

[edit] Animals

[edit] Arlians

[edit] Konatsians

[edit] Demons

[edit] Namekian Wish-Makers

[edit] Shadow Dragons

[edit] Normal Dragons

[edit] Frieza's Unnamed Race

[edit] Galaxy Warriors

[edit] Genie

[edit] Humans

[edit] Human/Saiyan hybrids

Name Saiyan Heritage
Bra Half
Future Son Gohan Half
Future Trunks Half
Son Gohan Half
Son Goku Jr. Sixteenth
Son Gokule Half
Son Goten Half
Son Gotenks Half


Trunks Half
Vegeta Jr. Sixteenth
Vegeta Jr.'s mother Eighth

[edit] Kanassans

[edit] Kashvars

[edit] Majins

[edit] Makyans

[edit] Namekians

[edit] Oni

[edit] Saiyans

[edit] Illusion Saiyans (saiyans that only appear in the Time Chamber)

[edit] Tuffles

[edit] Characters by association

[edit] Cooler's Armored Squadron

[edit] Dr. Slump

[edit] Dr. Wheelo's bio-warriors

[edit] Fortuneteller Baba's fighters

[edit] Frieza's henchmen

[edit] Ginyu Force

[edit] Future Characters

[edit] Bojack's Galaxy Crew

[edit] Garlic Jr.'s henchmen

[edit] Dead Zone

[edit] Spice Boys (Garlic Jr. Saga)

[edit] Kais

[edit] Kai understudies

[edit] Supreme Kais

[edit] Lord Slug's henchmen

[edit] Machine Mutants

[edit] Pilaf Empire

[edit] Red Ribbon Army affiliates

[edit] Sigma Force

[edit] Turles' henchmen

[edit] Wizards & Witches

[edit] See also

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