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Chirudo (チルド, Chirudo; Literally meaning "Chilled") is a member of the Freeza Clan.


Chirudo's personality is similar to Freeza, being as ruthless as Freeza, King Cold, or Cooler as he kills one of his soldiers simply because the soldier is in his way. He is also arrogant and childish.



Chirudo appeared in Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock. He was said to be a Freeza Clan ancestor. He sent two soldiers, Toobi and Kyabira, to conquer Planet Plant. On the planet, Chilled's soldiers were killed by Bardock, who had been previously found unconscious on Planet Plant by a doctor named Ipana after his failed attempt to defeat Freeza and stop the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Ten days passed, and since neither he nor his soldiers had heard back from Toobi and Kyabira, Chilled decided to investigate Planet Plant himself. Upon arrival, he killed one of his soldiers by impaling him through the chest simply because he was standing in front of Chilled. He then decided to disguise himself and the other soldiers as members of the Galactic Patrol to trick the indigenous population into revealing what had happened to his men, and bring whomever had defeated them to him. He forgot to clean his right arm, however, after executing one of his soldiers, leading Berry (Ipana's son) to become suspicious of Chilled's true motives. Berry begged Bardock to help them while Chilled's soldiers start terrorizing the villagers. Chilled remarked that Ipana's medicine had the power to heal wounds instantly and had his soldiers attack the doctor to have it, but Bardock arrived just in time and saved Ipana. When he sees Chilled, Bardock confused him for Freeza and angrily attacked him with a punch to the face. Chilled then kicked Bardock, seriously damaging Bardock, and began to crush him saying that he was the mightiest being in the universe. Chilled was about to deliver a finishing energy blast to Bardock when Berry rushed forward in an attempt to save him. Chilled threw a Death Razor blast at him instead, wounding Berry. Bardock, upon seeing this, thought of Freeza and the death of his crew and became more furious. He then transformed into a Super Saiyan. They began fighting once more, and Chilled tried to kill him with a Death Ball only to have it pushed back by Bardock's Final Spirit Cannon. Chilled was sent into space. Later on, Chilled was seen floating through space barely alive. His spaceship's men quickly took him in and administered healing. Chilled thought back to the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation in fear and suddenly collapsed. It was revealed that Chilled later passed his knowledge about Super Saiyans to his descendants, (Freeza, Cold, and Cooler).


Chirudo's face being hidden under an Arcosian cloak.
Chirudo's face being unveiled under an Arcosian cloak.

Chirudo appeared in Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock.

Video games

Chirudo appeared in Dragon Ball Heroes.


  • Bukujutsu
  • Continuous Energy Bullet – Used in an attempt to kill Super Saiyan Bardock.
  • Death Ball – Used as a final attempt to destroy Bardock and Planet Plant. Also used in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Death Razor – Several pink energy beams fired simultaneously from the finger, creating a giant explosion. He was about to use this in an attempt to kill Bardock when Berry rushed forward, so he threw the Death Razor at Berry instead.
  • Ki Blast
  • Ruthless Blow – Used to kill one of his soldiers upon arriving on Planet Plant. He uses this technique only in the manga.