King Gurumes

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King Gurumes (グルメス王, Gurumesu-ō; FUNimation "Gurumes") is the king of the Land of Gurumes.


Gurumes' symbol

Gurumes appeared in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies. Shortly after he discovered that deposits beneath his kingdom harbored priceless Rich Stones, he began mutating into an obese horror with a virtually unsatisfiable appetite. This led his actions to become corrupt in nature as he continued ordering excavation of the Rich Stones in order to fund a plethora of the world's greatest cuisines in a desperate attempt to cure his essentially painful hunger. Eventually, Gurumes decided that only the Eternal Dragon, Shen Long, had the power "to wish [his] hunger away."

Gurumes had four Dragon Balls in his possession before his two most esteemed henchmen, Bongo and Pasta, confiscated Son Goku's Four-Star Ball from his home without his knowledge, although they left decent payment in its place. This caused Goku and Bulma Brief, who was a passionate hunter of the artifacts, to seek out the two minions. During their adventures, Goku and Bulma made several acquaintances. Among them was Pansy, a girl native to the Land of Gurumes, who was seeking the assistance of Turtle Hermit in overthrowing the selfish tyrant to rescue her decaying land.

After Goku had learned the Kamehameha by watching Turtle Hermit use it, they decided that Goku could take the place of Turtle Hermit in helping Pansy. When the Dragon Ball Gang fought their way to Gurumes' throne room, they witnessed him mutate further to become a larger version of himself. Goku used the Kamehameha against Gurumes, but it had no effect. Bulma found out that six Dragon Balls were in his stomach and therefore threw the seventh Dragon Ball into his mouth.

Shen Long was then summoned and a ray of light emitted by the Dragon Balls during the summoning process exploded through his mouth and destroyed the top half of his castle. Pansy wished that her land's former peace and beauty would be restored and thus Shen Long removed the Rich Stones from the deposits beneath the land (the dialogue between Pansy and Shen Long during the wish-granting sequence varies between the two versions of the film, but the result does not deviate between the two). It was also shown that Shen Long's actions had re-granted Gurumes his Human form. Ultimately, his growing appetite had also been cured as shown when Pansy handed him a common apple and it tasted wonderful. Goku then set out to look for hi Dragon ball again.

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  • Misokatsun bears some physical resemblance to Gurumes' mutant form.
  • Gurumes is one of the few film villains who is not killed (others include Abo, Kado, Men-Men, and Jaguar).