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Honey is the name of two different characters in the Neko Majin manga series. One is Onio's wife and the other one is Thunderbolt's girlfriend.

Honey (Onio's Wife)[edit]

Honey and Neko Majin Z

Honey appeared in Neko Majin Z.

Honey and Onio came to Planet Earth for their honeymoon and then made it their summer home. When Onio said that it would take him about a month to kill every Human without damaging the planet too much, Honey said that he had to leave some slaves for her. Neko Majin Z, who had been looking at them from behind some shrubs, thought that they were tourists and dressed himself up as a Koala to get a picture from them. At first, Honey and Onio did not want a picture, but Neko Majin Z's friend convinced them when he said that they could show off with it. Neko Majin Z's friend said that the woman had to hold the Koala, making Honey mad because she was a lady, not a woman. When she held Neko Majin Z, he squeezed her giant breasts and Honey and Onio became angry. Onio was so angry that he transformed into a Super Saiyan. Onio kicked Neko Majin Z away and thought that he was dead, and started hugging Honey and said that it was all over now. Neko Majin Z and his friends imitated them and Onio started fighting Neko Majin Z. After a short fight, Onio was defeated and Honey had to drag Onio to their spaceship, forgetting her picture in the process.

Onio mentioned her in Neko Majin Z 2. He said that they had divorced because he had lost the fight.

Honey (Thunderbolt's Girlfriend)[edit]

Honey and Thunderbolt

Honey in Neko Majin Z 2.

When Thunderbolt had an autograph session by Onion Rock, Honey came with him. When Thunderbolt said that only one person had dropped by after 20 minutes of waiting, Honey suggested that they go to the next event because their current location did not suit a champion like Thunderbolt. Just when Neko Majin Z and his friend came by, Honey and Thunderbolt got ready to kiss. Neko Majin Z and his friend imitated them (not kissing) just as they had done to Honey and Onio. Neko Majin Z's friend then had Thunderbolt sign his Porry Hatter book and Honey said that they were also selling Thunderbolt's book and T-shirts. Unfortunately, Neko Majin Z and his friend had not brought any money. Neko Majin Z and Thunderbolt were ready to fight each other, with Honey and Neko Majin Z's friend as the judges, when they were interrupted by Onio and Kuriiza, who had just landed on Earth. When nobody paid much attention to them, Kuriza blew up Honey and Thunderbolt's car, angering Honey as she gave Kuriza the finger. After Neko Majin Z punched Kuriza into the ground, and even found oil, they both transformed. Honey shouted that they had to hurry up if they wanted to fight Thunderbolt, and that he could even beat them both. Thunderbolt shushed her a few times, but ended up knocking her out. She was then dragged to Neko Majin Z's house by Thunderbolt to stay for awhile.