Bionic Punisher

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The Bionic Punisher (バイオニック パニッシャー, Baionikku Panisshā) is an energy beam attack used by Artificial Human No. 19 and Artificial Human No. 20.


No. 19 and No. 20 fire precise laser beams from their eyes at their opponent.


Dragon Ball Z

No. 20 used this attack to destroy half of Seismo Island after Son Goku remarked that there were too many innocent people in the area for a fight. He was stopped when Goku retaliated with a punch to his face.

Artificial Human No. 16 used this attack in his fight against Imperfect Cell in the anime.

Video games

The Bionic Punisher appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World.

Data books

It is named Ai Biimu (アイ ビーム, Ai Biimu) in Dragon Ball: Daizenshū 7.