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The one-shot's title page


Genre Shonen, Action, Science Fiction

Manga series: Escape

Authored by

Akira Toriyama



Serialized in

Weekly Shonen Jump

Original run

1981 – 1981

Num of volumes


Escape (エスケイプ, Esukeipu) is a 5-page colored one-shot manga by Akira Toriyama that takes place in the same universe as the Dragon Ball series.


The protagonist being found.

The story took place in the year 2070 on the planet Umegabucha. It began with the unnamed female protagonist who seemed to be under pursuit. She was startled when she came in contact with a Dragon, and hid from whoever was after her. After saying that "they'll never find her there", her small anthropomorphic Goat friend shouts to her that she has been found. It turned out that the whole situation was merely a game of hide and seek, and that she was the last to be found. In the end, they announced that they were starting a new game and that this time the female protagonist had to seek.

Appearance in Dragon Ball

Two of the one-shot's characters appearing in the Dragon Ball anime.

The female protagonist as well as the anthropomorphic Goat make appearances in the Dragon Ball anime in the episode "Prelude to Vengeance" where they are seen in West City running in panic with everyone else.


  • In the Dragon Ball timeline, this one-shot takes place in 834 Age, making this one-shot take place 81 years after the two characters' appearance in West City.