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The Chocolate Beam (チョコレート ビーム, Chokorēto Biimu; Literally meaning "Chocolate Beam") is an energy beam attack used by Fat Boo and Super Boo.


The user fires a beam of energy that can change any object or person into any type of object.

The technique can also act as a way for Majin Boo to absorb another person, but only in the case of absorbing another Majin Boo as happens when Evil Boo reflects Fat Boo's attack, or possibly because the spell is used on another being with same power, theefore the victim retains their power without being able to use it as something of a container.

Fat Boo

Fat Boo seemed to only be able to use this attack by pointing his antenna at his target. Majin Boo's forms that used the technique also usually announced what the attack would turn the victim into before using it.


Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu Saga

Fat Boo used this attack in his fight against Dabura.

Fusion Saga

Fat Boo tried to use this against Evil Boo, but the attack was deflected and resulted in Fat Boo being turned into chocolate. Super Boo used this attack to turn Son Chichi into an egg and also used it to turn everyone in the Heavenly Realm into chocolate to eat them.

Super Boo later used this attack to turn Vegetto into candy.

Video games

Tenkaichi series

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 also has this attack available for the various forms of Majin Boo as well as Majoob, although with a notably different use.

Dragon Ball Online

The Mighty Majin can use this attack in Dragon Ball Online.

Data books

It is named Henka Biimu (変化 ビーム, Henka Biimu; Literally meaning "Transformation Beam") in Dragon Ball: Daizenshū 7.


Super Boo has displayed the ability to fire multiple beams at once. His version also appears to destroy inanimate objects rather then transform them. It also seems to be able to turn things into objects other than food; such as turning a large number of people into clay to build his house and transforming a boulder into an outhouse when Vegeta and Son Goku, who were inside him, gave him a serious and comical case of indigestion.

Chocolate Kamehameha

When Vegeta Baby threw the Chocolate Kamehameha (a combination of the Chocolate Beam and Kamehameha) back at Majoob, Majoob did not give Vegeta Baby any extra strength, probably because Vegeta Baby was not a form of Majin Boo.

Tenkaichi 2 version

After the player character uses the Chocolate Beam, the opponent character is turned into a chocolate version of a person. The chocolate-transformed opponent then looks up at the player character, who then looks at him ominously. The chocolate character then attempts to back away, only for the player to perform a suplex on the character.


  • The Chocolate Beam is one of two Kamehameha variations that do not inflict any damage (the other being the Bluff Kamehameha).
  • This is one of the few attacks to show that it is capable of killing even an immortal being, as shown he killed Mister Popo with it.