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Bourbon (バーボン, Bābon; FUNimation "Mr. Borbonne") is the mayor of a city that is located close to the village where Lao Chu and Lime live.


Bourbon often sent his thugs, Burdwell and Kasdan, to Chazke Village. He employed Tao Pai Pai as a bodyguard. He built a shelter to try and protect people from Cell, but was only interested in the money. This was proven when Lime yelled that Cell was coming and Bourbon cowardly hid inside the shelter and closed the doors without giving anyone else a chance to get in. After Tao quit working for him, he was left unprotected against an angry mob of people and begged Son Gohan for help, offering to make up for cheating the people. Gohan destroyed the shelter and said that Cell could have destroyed it just as easily.