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"It is a force of unimaginable evil, that had destroyed more lives than any war or pestilence combined. Long ago there was a mighty-but-compassionate warrior. His power was beyond measure, yet many foolish upstarts tried to destroy him, in hopes of making a name for themselves. They were all unsuccessful, until one day, the Devilman appeared. Knowing he could not compete against the warrior's strength, the Devilman attacked using his mind. He discovered he could exploit his opponent's negative thoughts, no matter how faint, and convert them into an energy beam of immense power, the Devilmite Beam (Akkumaito Kousen).

It amplified any dark thought (anger, malice, aggression) and caused it to expand until his opponent's heart, literally exploded! It was the death of a great hero, and the birth of an even greater evil.''"
Turtle Hermit explaining the Devil Might Beam

The Devil Might Beam (アクマイト 光線, Akumaito Kōsen; FUNimation "Devilmite Beam") is an energy beam attack used by Devil Man. Devil Man transforms his opponent's own negative thoughts into destructive beams that annihilate anything in their path. It only works, however, if there are negative thoughts in his opponent's mind to begin with. Due to this, outside of the video games it is an all-or-nothing attack as it is either a sure-kill or a mere light show.


At the time, it seemed that Goku would become its next victim, however, Devil Man (and Goku's friends) were in for a surprise. Devil Man attempted to use this attack (twice) to destroy Goku, but it failed (both times) since Goku had no negative thoughts to exploit. (Goku was pure of heart.)

Strengths and weaknesses[edit]

While terrifyingly powerful, the Devil Might Beam was rendered completely useless against someone (like Goku) who was "pure of heart" (possessing no negative feelings or thoughts). Basically, anyone who could ride a Kinto Un would be immune to this attack (as only those with "purity of the heart" could ride on one). It is also possible that if a opponent had enough speed that they could simply dodge it (as it can be done in the video games).

As it was capable of amplifying any negative thought (including anger, malice, aggression, greed, and/or lust), it had the power to destroy even the most powerful fighters (as demonstrated in Roshi's story), it could kill even a relatively good person, as long as they possess a single negative thought.


  • Turtle Hermit - Due to his perversion and lust for women.
  • Yamucha - Due to his "slight" lust for beautiful women (including Bulma) and possible greed (he is a former bandit/thief, also suggested using their second wish "to be filthy rich" after the Dragon Balls were restored by Dende, though he implies that he was actually joking when he said that after Krillin apologized for making the wish to have 18's bomb removed).
  • Bulma Brief - Due to slight selfishness, possible greed, and spoiled attitude (she is not pure of heart, as she could not ride on Goku's Kinto Un).
  • Kuririn - Kuririn cannot ride nimbus, this is because of his lust for women (he says that he wanted to train with Turtle Hermit to "get popular with the girls"), although in later times he can throw a spirit bomb (probably due to repenting his sinful childhood).
  • Piccolo - Although he reformed and later fused with Nail and Kami, he still retained some aggression, which was on full display when training Son Gohan for the Saiyans' arival and Son Goten and Trunks Brief for the Fusion Dance.
  • Vegeta - Due to his arrogance, spoiled attitude, desire to be the absolute best at all costs, and resentment for Goku (all of which led him to brought under Babidi's Majin spell).

As it can destroy one who's heart is tainted with anger, aggression, and/or malice, it could easily kill a Super Saiyan, even a pure-hearted one (like Goku) as a Saiyan's heart becomes filled with malice and, specially, rage while transformed. It is unknown if a Full Power Super Saiyan, who has regained complete control over his emotions, suffers this vulnerability, although it is highly probable that a Great Ape is vulnerable.


  • Son Goku - As a Super Saiyan, Goku's "pure-heart" becomes tainted with malice and rage. It could also possibly effect Goku if he were transformed into a Great Ape for much the same reason (as Goku's mind is taken over by his aggressive Saiyan instincts). However, the Super Saiyan 3 transformation would not be affected, as it only requires training to awaken it, not rage, meaning Goku maintains his usual character. It's possible Super Saiyan 4 would be affected, as Goku claims against Naturon Shen Long that he has a difficult time restraining his aggressive tendencies (though it is highly possible he was merely bluffing).
  • Son Gohan - It could only effect Gohan if he's transformed into either a regular Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2. It would definitely affect Gohan as a Super Saiyan 2, as his personality became somewhat sadistic and aggressive.
  • Son Goten - As a Super Saiyan, his heart is filled with both malice and aggression.

The attack would be capable of killing any of the series villains as they all possess evil and malice within their hearts, with some being pure evil, maybe with the exception of regenerating characters such as Cell or Buu, since they would simply reform after the attack (although it is unknown if Fat Boo applied, since he was easily able to overthrow Babidi, he must have been completely pure of heart, merely getting mixed up with the wrong crowd).

Video games[edit]

The Devil Might Beam appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and is Devilman's Ultimate Blast. It is unique as its strength and damage is determined by who the opponent is and whether or not the opponent is equip with certain specific Z Items (or Potara. There are two Z Items that alter this attack's damage. They are:

  • A Z Item that can be equip to characters with a "Good affinity". The Devilmite Beam's damage is reduced when equipped (meaning they take less damage from this attack).
  • A Z Item that can be equip to characters with an "Evil affinity". The Devilmite Beam's damage is increased when equipped (meaning they take more damage from this attack).

Some characters are immune to the Devilmite Beam (like Goku) because they are pure of heart, however if a pure-hearted character like Goku transforms into either a Great Ape or a Super Saiyan they can lose their immunity to it as these transformations taint the heart, meaning they will take damage from the Devilmite Beam. It also does huge amounts of damage to pure evil characters like, Evil Buu, Janemba, Hirudegarn, and Omega Shenron (and basicially does decent Ultimate damage to every villain in the franchise, past and present, including "Good affinity" characters with some sort of a villainous bent, such as all forms of Vegeta with a Good affinity [or not]).

In Devilman's "what if" story in Budokai Tenkaichi 3, he fights against Freeza and King Cold (who are waiting for Goku to return to Earth so that they can kill him). Devil Man is surprisingly able to defeat the pair (as well as two other soldiers) all thanks to his signature Devilmite Beam.

It also appeared in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure and is Devil Man's strongest attack. The attack is hard to use as it takes a long time to charge and perform (also Devilman is completely defenseless while using meaning enemies can attack him, preventing him from completing it).


  • Devil Man - (Assumed creator/Only known user)


  • When this technique failed on Goku in the manga, Uranai Baba compared his mind to that of an infant or animal, so it can be assumed that this technique would fail on infants and non-anthropromorphic animals as well.