Antenna Beam

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Antenna Beam
Piccolo fires the Antenna Beam against Zero.
Alternate names Tsuno Bīmu
Debut "Horrifying Buyon"
Inventor Unknown
Users Buyon
Super Buu
Class Energy Wave

Antenna Beam (角ビーム) is a bolt of electricity fired from the antennae. The attack shocks its victims, stunning them.

It was first seen when Zero invaded Muscle Tower, one of the main bases of the Red Ribbon Army, and faced Buyon. The monster used this attack to daze Zero, allowing the monster the chance to try and swallow him, though Zero quickly escaped from the creature's mouth.

It was next seen during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament in which it is used by Piccolo Junior. After Zero hit Piccolo with a double punch driven by a Feet Kamehameha, Piccolo quickly retaliated with the electric blast. Zero was sent crashing to the ground and left vulnerable to a follow-up attack, though Kami intervened and blocked it.

[edit] Character meaning

  • 角 (tsuno) = antenna / horn
  • ビーム (bīmu) = beam
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