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Wish Upon A Dragon, known in Japan as Doragon Bōru Kikiippatsu (ドラゴン ボール 危機一髪, Doragon Bōru Kikiippatsu), is the second volume of Dragon Ball . It covers the second half of the Emperor Pilaf Saga and the very beginning of the Tournament Saga.


Main characters

Supporting characters



Chapter # Title
12 "In Search of Kame-Sen'nin"
DB Chapter 12.jpg
13 "Fanning the Flame"
14 "Kame Kame Kame Kame Kame Chameleon"
DB Chapter 14.jpg
15 "At Sixes and Sevens"
DB Chapter 15 (Japanese).jpg
16 "One Goal, One Enemy"
DB Chapter 16.jpg
17 "Carrot Top"
DB Chapter 17.jpg
Character Debuts: Monster Carrot
18 "Who's Got My Balls?!"
Character debuts: Mai, Shu and Emperor Pilaf
19 "At Last... the Dragon!"
DB Chapter 19.jpg
20 "Just One Wish!!"
DB Chapter 20.jpg
21 "Full Moon"
DB Chapter 21.jpg
22 "The End of the Tale"
DB Chapter 22.jpg
23 "Separate Ways"
DB Chapter 23.jpg
24 "The High Price of Education"
DB Chapter 24.jpg

Differences from the anime

  • Pilaf messing around with Goku and the others using a giant pinball just after taking Goku's Four-Star Ball is anime-only filler material.


  • The title of the manga chapter "Kame Kame Kame Kame Kame Chameleon" is a reference to a song by Boy George of Culture Club, "Karma Chameleon".

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