Mo Kekko

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Mo Kekko (猛 血虎, Mō Kekko; FUNimation "Wild Tiger", Viz "Mou Kekko"; Literally meaning "Fierce Blood Tiger") is a martial artist.


Mo is muscular and has a braided ponytail.


Mo attended the 28th Tenkaichi Tournament where he was matched against Son Pan in the first round after the preliminaries. Pan accidentally smacked into Mo prior to their match and he teased her. He was also shown to be irritated at the fact that he had to face off against a kid, even if it was Mister Satan's granddaughter. He was taken down with ease, however, when their match began (much to the shock and trauma of the audience at large). Satan was initially worried when he heard that Pan was to face off against him (he thought she would not stand a chance against someone like Mo), even going as far as to barge into the locker rooms to ask if Pan was all right. Artificial Human No. 18, however, was not really impressed at the outcome of the match, claiming that even Kuririn could beat Mo (much to her husband's chagrin).