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Test of the All-Seeing Crone is the ninth volume of Dragon Ball. It covers most of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga.


Supporting characters


Chapter # Title
97 "The Lost Dragon Ball"
The Lost Dragon Ball.jpg
  • Original Title: 最後の龍球,, Saigo no Doragon Booru "The Last Dragon Ball"
98 "The All-Seeing Crone"
The All-Seeing Crone.jpg
  • Original Title: 占いババ,, Uranai Baba "The Fortuneteller Baba"
99 "The Five Champions"
The Five Champions.jpg
  • Original Title: 5人の戦士,, Gonin no Senshi "The Five Warriors"
100 "Battle of the Bleeders"
Battle of the Bleeders.jpg
  • Original Title: 大流血戦,, Dairyūketsusen "Battle's Bloodshed"
101 "The Devil's Cesspool"
The Devil's Cesspool.jpg
  • Original Title: 悪魔の便所,, Akuma no Benjo "Devil's Toilet"
102 "Goku at the Plate!"
Goku at the Plate.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟空見参,, Son Gokū Kenzan "Son Goku's Meeting"
103 "The Power of Goku"
The Power of Goku.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟空強し!!,, Son Gokū Tsuyoshi!! "Son Goku's Strength"
104 "The Beam of Evil"
The Beam of Evil.jpg
  • Original Title: アクマイト光線,, Akumaitokōsen "Devil's Power Beam"
105 "The Last Champion"
The Last Champion.jpg
  • Original Title: 5人目の男,, Gonin Me no Otoko "The Fifth Man"
106 "Strong vs. Strong"
Strong vs. Strong.jpg
  • Original Title: 強敵同士,, Kyōteki Dōshi "Formidable Enemies"
107 "To Win By a Tail"
To Win By a Tail.jpg
  • Original Title: 悟空のシッポ,, Gokū no Shippo "Goku's Tail"
108 "Son Gohan"
Son Gohan.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟飯,, Son Gohan "Son Gohan"

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