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Strongest Under the Heavens

Strongest Under the Heavens, released in Japan as Daikesshōsen (大決勝戦, Daikesshōsen), is the fourth volume of Dragon Ball. It covers the middle part of the Tournament Saga.



Chapter # Title
37 "Match No. 2"
DB Chapter 37.jpg
38 "Water and Cheesecake"
DB Chapter 38.jpg
39 "Monster Smash"
DB Chapter 39.jpg
40 "The Tail of Goku"
DB Chapter 40.jpg
41 "Kuririn vs. Jackie Chun"
DB Chapter 41.jpg
42 "The Big Fight"
DB Chapter 42.jpg
43 "The Mysterious Jackie Chun"
DB Chapter 43.jpg
44 "The Name of the Game is Namu"
DB Chapter 44.jpg
45 "Taking the Air"
DB Chapter 45.jpg
46 "The Final Match"
DB Chapter 46.jpg
47 "The Kamehameha"
DB Chapter 47.jpg
48 "One Lucky Monkey"
DB Chapter 48.jpg

Edits or changes in the North American release

  • The events of Dragon Ball Z are foretold at the end of "Monster Smash".

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