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Piegero (ピゲロ, Pigero) is an orphan.


Dragon Ball Z

Piegero appeared in "Plight of the Children". He was born in 746 Age and was a fifteen-year-old orphan who Son Gohan met when he escaped from Piccolo's training. He was the leader of a group of orphans and the oldest one. He was fairly strong fought off the orphanage officials who came once a day to round up the kids. All of the orphans were later captured, and he decided it was best that they be taken to the orphanage. He then proceeded to leave them to live a new life.

Piegero used to take care of a small group of orphans and protect them from social workers who wanted to put them in an orphanage. He lived with other orphans, such as Chiko, Rom, Jinku, Yordon, and Hacchi. After a chance run-in with a young boy named Son Gohan, Piegero decided that the orphans would be better off having the chance to be adopted into a family and left his chosen duty. An orphan himself, Piegero had seen some rough times out on his own.