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Otokosuki (オトコスキー, Otokosukii; FUNimation "Otokosuki"; Literally meaning "Man Skiing") is a muscular man who attends the 28th Tenkaichi Tournament.


Dragon Ball GT

Otokosuki in Dragon Ball GT.

In the tournament, he was matched against Trunks Brief. Despite clearly over-ranking him, Trunks was hesitant to participate in a match with Otokosuki because of his sexuality. Otokosuki later appeared during the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga of Dragon Ball GT where he was now an employee of Capsule Corporation. Otokosuki was seen admiring Trunks as he passed by.


  • In Japanese, "Otokosuki" is a pun on "otokozuki", meaning "boycrazy".
  • Otokoski bares a slight resemblance to Glenn Hughes' biker role from the original version of the disco group "The Village People", particularly in terms of the hat and moustache.
  • Apart from Blue, Otokusuki is the only other blatantly (perhaps even stereotypically) homosexual person shown on-screen in the entire Dragon Ball universe.