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Konkichi (根木地, Konkichi; Literally meaning "Root Tree Ground") is a troublemaker who Son Goku rescues in Yahhoy Forest.


Konkichi appeared in "Which Way to Papaya Island?" He treated Goku like a close friend after Goku had saved his life and referred to Goku as "brother". Little did Goku know, Konkichi was a thief and had tried, but failed, to steal Goku a plane ticket to Papaya Island. While trying to find money for Goku's plane ticket, they both unexpectedly bumped into Uranai Baba, who was aware of Konkichi's actions. Konkichi ran off when he realized that Baba was aware of his bad deeds, but was caught by the same threee guys as before. They forced him to rob a bank and take the fall for it while the three guys made their clean getaway. Goku soon found out the truth about Konkichi, who was on the run from the three guys because they had threatened to beat him up because he owed them money. Konkichi explained to Goku that he had changed and was no longer a thief. Goku apprehended those responsible for framing him for the bank robbery and Konkichi decided to turn his life around and become a teacher.


  • Konkichi drives an old-fashioned Mini.
  • The name spelt out as kon-ki-chi translates to "root-tree-earth, soil, the ground", a reference to all things pertaining to plants that are usually green, hence his color.
  • Konkichi makes frequent references to wanting to become a teacher in the English dub.
  • Konkichi, or his reused character design, appears in "Blast-off for Planet Namek! The Terror Awaiting Gohan & Co." during the Namek Saga.
  • He seems to be based off of Donbei.