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Dragon Ball In Space is the twenty-first volume of the Dragon Ball manga. It was released in North America as the fifth volume of the Dragon Ball Z manga with the chapter count restarting back at one.


Main characters

Supporting characters


Chapter # Title
(DBZ 47)
Goku's Request
Goku's Request.jpg
(DBZ 48)
The Bittersweet End
The Bittersweet End.jpg
(DBZ 49)
Destination Namek
Destination Namek.jpg
(DBZ 50)
The Mysterious Spaceship
The Mysterious Spaceship.jpg
(DBZ 51)
3... 2... 1... Lift Off!
3... 2... 1... Lift Off!.jpg
(DBZ 52)
The Return of Vegeta
The Return of Vegeta.jpg
(DBZ 53)
Planet Namek, Cold and Dark
Planet Namek, Cold and Dark.jpg
(DBZ 54)
The Mysterious Strangers
The Mysterious Strangers.jpg
(DBZ 55)
Vegeta's True Power
Vegeta's True Power.jpg
(DBZ 56)
Goku Returns! Again!
Goku Returns! Again!.jpg
(DBZ 57)
Son Goku's Spaceship
Son Goku's Spaceship.jpg
(DBZ 58)
Namekian Fear
Namekian Fear.jpg

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