Dragon Ball GT: Transformation

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Dragon Ball GT: Transformation is an action-adventure game for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.


Transformation is based on the first half of Dragon Ball GT (up to the Baby Saga), but was never followed by a sequel due to the low level of fan reaction. It is technically a sequel to The Legacy of Goku video game series. A sequel to this title was announced because the story left off at the joining of forces between Doctor Gero and Doctor Mu in Hell, but it was never given the chance due to very minimal success and average reviews, such as an average 68% on Game Ratings. The 2006 announced Dragon Ball GT: Transformation 2 was never made by either Webfoot or Atari. The gameplay is based on the standard classic "beat 'em up" sub-genre of action-adventure games similar to Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.

Game modes

Transformation sports multiple modes of play, but the Story mode is the only one available from the beginning. The other game modes must be unlocked by purchasing them with acquired Zenie, which is rewarded to the player at the end of each stage based on their performance. The player's total points are converted into Zenie and bonuses are rewarded based on multiple factors such as time, combos, and power ups obtained.

Story mode

Story mode is the main mode of the game. The first level is Planet Imegga, the first planet that Son Goku, Trunks Brief, and Son Pan visited in their quest to find the elusive Black Star Dragon Balls. Throughout the course of the game, players collect the rest of the Black Star Dragon Balls and then return to Earth, which has been completely taken over by the Tuffle parasite known as Baby. The final level takes place on New Planet Plant, which was wished back to existence using the Black Star Dragon Balls by Vegeta Baby. In the final boss battle, Super Saiyan 4 Goku faces off against Great Ape Baby.

Single-player mode

Single-player mode is similar to Story mode, but with the between-stage discussion scenes removed. The benefit of this mode, however, is that the player is able to choose from up to three of the nine available characters that they have unlocked to create their own team. Despite the fact that Son Goku (with tail) and Golden Great Ape Goku are playable in the Story mode, they are not available in any other mode.

Endurance mode

Endurance mode is available in single-player or multiplayer and pits the player(s) against wave after wave of increasingly tougher enemies. The goal is to stay alive as long as possible.

Boss Endurance mode

Boss endurance mode is available in single-player or multiplayer and pits the player(s) against each of the game's sub-bosses and bosses in the order that they appeared in the game.

Robot Swarm mode

Robot Swarm mode is available in single-player or multiplayer and has the player(s) choose a time limit of their choice in order to try to defeat as many miniature robots as they can within the chosen limit.

Piccolo mode

Piccolo mode is available in multiplayer and has player(s) playing as Piccolo Junior and his clone body doubles.


Playable (Story mode)

Playable (all modes)

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  • North Kaio tells Kid Goku about the Black Star Dragon Balls in the anime. Dende tells Kid Goku about them in the video game.
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