DB Chapter 91

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"Battle in the Sanctuary!!" (聖地の大決戦!!, Seichi no Dai-Kessen!!; Literally meaning "A Grand Showdown in the Holy Land!!") is chapter 091 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Tao Pai-pai keeps bragging, and Goku tells him to quit yapping and come on. After a little more talking, Tao Pai-pai comes at Goku, but Goku blocks all of his attacks, and kicks Tao Pai-pai in the face. Tao Pai-pai comes at him again, but Goku jumps up, so Tao Pai-pai jumps in the air, too, and punches Goku towards the tower. Goku kicks off of it, and hits Tao Pai-pai with a punch of his own. Goku kicks off the ground, then kicks Tao Pai-pai headfirst into the ground.

Tao Pai-pai comes back up, his clothes a bit tattered, and pulls off his shirt. He says he was going easy on him, and fires off a Dodonpa, but Goku stands to catch it this time. Goku gets pushed back a few yards, and other than his hands being a little sore, he's fine this time. Tao Pai-pai is in shock, and Goku says that his Kamehameha was ineffective last time, but now it's Tao Pai-pai's attack that doesn't work.

Upa's happy with the situation, and Tao Pai-pai pulls a capsule from his pants. Out pops a sword and he starts swiping at Goku with it, who is just barely able to back out of the way. Tao Pai-pai slices through a tree that Goku's hanging onto, and thinks it was great to use his sword. Upa hops off the cloud and runs into his teepee and throws Goku his Nyoi-Bō to even the score. Goku catches it mid-air, while avoiding Tao Pai-pai's swipes, and lands on the ground. Tao Pai-pai comes at him, but one whack from the Nyoi-Bō is enough to cut the sword in half. Goku throws Nyoi-Bō aside and says he'll defeat him with his bare hands.

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