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"The Tail of Goku" (悟空のシッポ, Gokū no Shippo; Literally meaning "Goku's Tail") is chapter 040 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Giran laughs as Goku's trapped in his Guru-Guru Gum, and can't move. Giran punches Goku in the head, then picks him up and holds him over his head. Giran then tosses Goku out of the ring, sending him off over the city. His friends are all worried about him, but Goku calls for Kinto-Un, and it catches him and takes him back to the arena.

Giran yells that that was foul play, but Goku reminds him he flew back, too. Giran says he used his own wings, a part of his body, and the announcer discusses this with the superintendent priest. They decide that they'll allow the strange cloud only this one time, but Goku can't use it again. Giran laughs, and walks over to Goku, and decides to end it with a punch. He swings at Goku, but Goku has vanished. Giran looks around, and then sees that Goku's hanging from his arm... by his tail!

Goku's very happy to see his tail again, and Yamcha's worried (remembering his Ōzaru form), while Kuririn's confused (he'd never seen his tail before). Goku's more confident with his tail back, and so he starts powering up until he breaks free of the gum. Goku starts balancing on his tail, then kicks the wall and crumbles to pieces. He's feeling great with his tail back. He announces his counterattack, but Giran holds up the white flag, and Goku falls over. The win goes to Goku, and the announcer marvels over his tail, while Bulma worriedly asks Pu'er when the next full moon is.

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