DB Chapter 172

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"Kuririn vs. Demon Junior" (クリリン対マジュニア, Kuririn Tai Ma Junia; Literally meaning "Kuririn vs Ma Junior") is chapter 172 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Piccolo calls Kuririn "small fry" again, and this time Kuririn hears it. Then, Kuririn readies for something, and brings his fists down to his waste. Then he throws his hands out, firing a blast from each one over at Piccolo! Piccolo flies up out of the way, but the two blasts follow him, so Piccolo nullifies them with some eye beams. But then Kuririn jumps up into the air, surprising Piccolo, and he punches Piccolo in the face. Piccolo flies off into the distance, but stops himself mid-air, as Kuririn lands back in the ring.

Piccolo comes back down to the ring, and Kuririn rushes as him, but Piccolo sidesteps his attack. But Kuririn jumps sideways after him, and starts punching at Piccolo, but Piccolo blocks it, and then heads back up into the air. Kuririn jumps up after him, but Piccolo kicks Kuririn down toward the outside of the ring. But... Kuririn stops himself mid-air, and Kame-Sen'nin realizes he now knows Bukūjutsu.

Piccolo doesn't think much of his techniques, movements, or toughness, and is going to show the small fry just a little of his true power. Bulma tells Kuririn it's a bluff, and says to kick his ass. But Goku says to be careful, since what Piccolo's saying is true.

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