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Chibi (チビ, Chibi; FUNimation "Chobi") is a Pteranodon.


Dragon Ball Z

Chibi appeared during the Great Saiyaman Saga. He was kidnapped by a greedy circus man named Mister Musuka. Musuka renamed him Rocko and subsequently abused him. When Son Gohan expressed his concerns about the situation, Musuka replied, "Money is all that matters." Gohan turned into the Great Saiyaman and broke Chibi out of his cage. Chibi then headed back towards the nest of his parents. Son Videl and all of the police, however, thought Gohan was stealing him, and therefore Videl fought against the Great Saiyaman. The situation then became clear to everyone when Chibi called his parents and they attacked the city. Gohan accidentally revealed his true identity to Videl as he tried to calm down Chibi's parents. Musuka then stole a police officer's handgun and fired it. Toh Toh became alarmed and attacked Videl, but was knocked out by Gohan. In the end, Chibi's family was reunited, all charges against the Great Saiyaman were dropped ("taking a dinosaur is no crime"), and Musuka was arrested for stealing an officer's handgun.

Chibi and his family were killed when Kid Boo blew up Planet Earth, but were revived by the Dragon Balls.

Video games

Chibi appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.


An articulated figurine of Chibi is packaged with Videl as part of the eighth series of Irwin Toy's action figure line and is named Baby Dino.

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